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Jean Reygrobellet, born in 1977, is a french artist living near Geneva, Switzerland.
As a graduate of the school of drawing and computer-graphics Emile Cohl at Lyon, he has a deep understanding of the treatment of imagery and has been active in this field. He has participated in several projects and exhibitions as an illustrator and painter.
His work relies on a world which is his own and led to his being discovered through his paintings and illustrations. With his visionary imagination, his work is marked with positive feelings, intensity and radiance.

With his genuine artistic eclecticism, his inborn sense of the image and the style of his drawings led him, quite naturally, to photography. His eye can grasp the magic of life, of the moment and the elusive nature of time. His lens reveals reality in its most artistic aspect.

Whatever your projects are, he will accompany you in setting them in picture form.


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